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Position # 1059

Position Details

School / Department: School of Medicine / Neurological Surgery
Classification: Postdoctoral Associate
Funding source: NIH Grant
Start Date: 1/1/2019
Description: The Fiber Tractography lab at the University of Pittsburgh ( is looking for a post-doctoral researcher in the field of brain imaging analysis. The position is funded by an NIH grant supporting a collaboration between University of Pittsburgh (Dr. Yeh), Carnegie Mellon University (Dr. Verstynen at Psychology, Dr. Aarti at Machine Learning), and Stanford (Dr. Fernandez Miranda at Neurosurgery) to study human neuroanatomy using novel imaging and computational approach. The position will have the opportunity to write a training grant with mentors under this collaboration networks. The duties include data analysis using DSI Studio and publishing papers in the topics of connectomics and neuroanatomy. The applicants are expected to have previous experiences in data analysis, paper or grant writing in the field of neuroscience or neuroradiology. Previous experience in DSI Studio and diffusion MRI is a plus, but not required. The Fiber Tractography lab will provide training in DSI Studio and diffusion MRI analysis. The Fiber Tractography lab is devoted to the novel development of imaging methods to study brain connections. The lab is known for the development of “DSI Studio”, an integrated platform for diffusion MRI analysis, fiber tracking, and 3D tractography visualization. In 2018 alone, DSI Studio has facilitated more than 100 peer-reviewed publications published in top-tier journals. DSI Studio provides the core technique for generalized q-sampling imaging, which has been widely used by many research groups to investigate how major fiber pathways are affected by neurological and psychiatric diseases. Prospective candidates please send CV and a cover letter to and refer to for the lab manual.
Qualifications: Scientific area: Diffusion MRI, tractography, neuroradiology, neuroanatomy Education: •Ph.D. in psychology, neuroscience, bioengineering. Experience and Qualification: •Good written and oral communication skills. •Previous experience in data analysis •Previous experience in paper or grant writing. •Experience in Neuroimaging (fMRI or dMRI) Key responsibilities: •Use DSI Studio to process diffusion MRI data and run fiber tracking for neuroanatomy studies. •Correlate tractography results with cadaver dissection conducted by other neuroanatomists. •Write and publish articles in peer-reviewed journals •Assist in grant writing.
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Contact Information

Faculty/PI Name: Fang-Cheng Yeh
Mailing address: c/o Frank Yeh
Email address: